Hello everyone!




Last time I promised to talk about how I built my bankroll from 0 playing freerolls and using promotions to their full potential. Hopefully this will serve as an easy way for all of you guys out there trying to get started without depositing your own money.

Advantages of this approach:
-You get to appreciate your results much more and learn a great deal about the game on the way

-Takes some time and effort and is obviously not as easy as making a deposit and starting your grind from there

So how does it work? Where do you start?
You obviously start by creating a plan. You need to know where you want to get and how you get there before you start your journey. For me the plan was simple. In 1 month build my bankroll to $40 by playing freeroll tournaments on FullTilt and PS. The goal was to play 2-4 tourneys a day and spend at least 5 hours a week learning about the game, watching poker videos and attending live trainings here at PSO. PSO provides a great database of useful resources which are invaluable for beginners so i recommend you use it. Freeroll tournaments are super soft but you still need to develop a decent fundamental understanding of the game to cash in them. Do not underestime the need to learn and develop your game! If you can follow this simple rule you are already ahead of 90% of your competition.

Now as we have our plan and discipline to stick to it, we can start grinding!

Step 1)
Having an account on both FullTilt and PS is crucial for the freeroll challenge so we need to make sure we have both accounts paired and we are ready to go.

Step 2)
Imho the best place to start are the FT $150 freerolls which run several times a day and FT regional freerolls which run once a day in the evening. To cash in either of them you need to play a decent amount of tourneys to overcome variance since only the top 1 or so percent get paid any money. I do not recommend PS astronomers' freerolls or PS open skill league. If you are a true beginner they do not provide a real reward for your time.

Step 3)
We need to develop our strategy for Freeroll tourneys: On FT people play surprisingly "well" (compared to those playing at PS) so you will do well just playing your normal game. Tight early on. Avoid the maniacs and let them bust each other out. NEVER BLUFF. The only time I advise you to bluff there is by using a simple cbet. Once it gets called shut down immediatley unless you improve.

Find weak players and abuse them! If you see your table is tight and weak you can open up your ranges considerably. Weak tight players are the best targets to earn easy chips from. Those players usually play fit or fold style so a simple cbet will work as a gold mine. They will never raise you unless they have the nuts so beware of anyaggressive action from them. They do not know what a cbet is so keep pounding on them they until they adjust (which they rarely do). If you feel you can get away with it you can even go as far as calling with any 2 cards on the button against a weak tight opener and taking it away from them postflop majority of the time. If they bet you fold if they check you bet and take the pot. It's as easy as that. However this assumes you can get it heads up and there is no calling station in the blinds.

If your table is full of overly aggressive players or calling stations just tighten up and wait for premium hands. When you hit you will get paid off so do not try anything fancy. There is just no need for that.

There is a stage in every one of those tourneys when your table starts to fill up with people who are sitting out. The fish are usually oblivious to this fact, use it against them. The less active players there are on your table the more steals you can make. Remember, the blinds are there for the taking and to cash you need to make a decent stack in the middle stage of the tourney.

And do not forget about the simple most important rule. Once you get a stack the protection of it is the key! If you lose in your first 5 minutes of playing it's no biggy but once you get deeper you simply cannot afford to stack off light or play too many coinflip situatuions even against someone who you know is bluffing a high % of the time. Tight is right. Do not worry about winning the tournaments. A min cash will do. Just look at the prize structure and decide for yourself.

Step 4)
While you are grinding on FT register for the PS bankroll builder promotion. Very easy way to get
you started with as much as $8. More details can be found here >>http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/bankroll-builder<<
For now, however, i do not recommend playing with the money you get form there as it is very likely you will lose it very soon. Just keep your first buy in safe, you can unlock the rest later on easily.

Step 5)
Once you cash a few times on FT and go over the $5 mark (it can take a little while do not be frustrated if you do not get there in your first weak of playing) you can transfer your winning to your PS account. Before you do that it is important to complete the sit and go quiz here at PSO to get some more free money (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Sit-and-Go-Quiz-Promotion)
The funny thing is that your transfer counts as your first deposit and you will therefore
get access to all promotions available for first depositors! Yes that is right. 3 $1.50 STT tickets and access to 100k freerolls for the whole month (they run 4x a day)!

Step 6)
Transfer your money back to FT and enjoy all the first depositor bonuses there as well!
Even more freerolls and free tickets for you!

Step 7)
Grind mainly the PS 100k freerolls as they are the easiest way to cash in and make some easy money. They have a huge player pool and you need to make some important adjustments to your game though:
-PLAY SUPER TIGHT! Until the bubble bursts you are only going to play JJ,QQ,KK,AA,AK and nothing else.
Players there play super loose maniac style so you need to get you the best chance of getting into the money. The good thing is that you only need to double up twice to get there so you only need to catch one of those big hands twice in the first 70-100 hands. It will be very rare for you to enter an unopened pot but even then you want to open shove! No matter what the action in front of you is you always open shove or reshove all in. Go all in with every one of the starting hands you are willing to play. Why?
Because those tables are full of donks and gamblers who like to gamble for free money and will call you with all sorts of crap. It might sound crazy but you will get their chips more likely by open shoving than by playing with them posflop. Preflop your folding equity is almost non existent so you might as well leverage it to the maximum. Once you get into the money you need to adjust your game a bit. This strategy means you will be playing short stack for the most part of the tourney so it will help to watch some videos on how to play it correctly. Depending on how your tables calls preflop you might want to open your shoving ranges. If you get under 10BB any pair would do from MP or late position. My average cash there was about $0.75. Once I even got as far as to the 20th place worth more than $5.00 so yes this is a real and viable strategy which even a monkey can be taught. That's right. Just fold your way into the money. If you can do it at least once a day you will grow your bankroll in no time.

So that is it my beloved PSOers. If any of you is actually considering trying this strategy out do not hesistate to contact me and I will give you some more pointers if you are interested.

See you at the tables!