You are having a good run and your bankroll is growing. You are playing so good winning it all. Ivey  who???  send  this fish to my micro stakes kingdom and I'll teach him a thing or two about poker.

And just when you feel that your dark days are over and nothing can crash you now,  you get a message from above "Son, it's over! put your helmet on and prepare for a nightmare".
You can't do anything about it, you just need to survive it with a minimum damage,  so you can later put back the broken pieces of your soul. 
You can do it, you just need  some "Serenity now"!

This is how it goes....

Everybody on the table are having fun with Aces, kings and huge pots, while you are straggling with - 62, 83, j3 - crap.
Serenity now...

Forget about coin flip probability. A standard coin has  heads and tails but yours has fish on both sides. Most of the time you are going to lose , some of the time you are splitting (only in cases where you had an AKs,qq...).
Serenity now...

When you get AQ they have AK,  you get 88 they get 99 (if they had 77 they would have hit the set on the flop).
They try to bluff steal your blinds you put them all in and the donkey call, well you now it ends he get runner runner runner.....
You raise with AJ you get a reraise and another two vicious villains decide to go all in with kings, queens and jacks.
When you think your AKs  must beat his A2o he hit the flush on the river with his disgusting  deuce.  You hit a straight they hit the flush. you finally get aces everybody folds (no antes...) .
Your woman screaming from the other room about you playing poker every night. If only she knew what you are going through....Serenity now, serenity noww!!

You dig and dig trying to understand what you did yesterday that you are not doing now.
you shove and shove but nothing.....damn you Nash and your useless
charts, they should have never get you out of the hospital you crazy bustard. serenity now!

At this point you are tagging everybody on the table with the fish color, putting notes on how bad they play and get lucky against your brilliant plays.
You start feeling the whole universe is against you.

so now you are starting to play really bad...

Insanity now serenity later!

Oh man, it feel  so sad to be the miserable unluckiest man on earth. Everybody say they have such bad runs, but they will never know how worse yours was.

Well,  I believe you and I can give you some good news. At some point you will start seeing the light again and a new good run will start, so be strong and keep your bankroll safe!

The bad news is it is not your last nightmare.

S-e-r-e-n-i-t-y    n-o-w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Miserable Tokbek