It has been a great month in which I learned a lot and made a very good progress.
A month ago I was not aware of the existence of HUD stats software's and I didn't have any clue about VPIP, PFR, WSD,Fold Equity ...etc.
I still have a lot to catch up with but I feel I'm on the right path learning pretty fast.

My main achievements for January:

1) I now can see clearly which are my winning and losing games, and where I need to improve. This is my most important achievement for this month.
2) I have purchased PT4 (after a bad experience with HM) and started using it.
3) I received SilverStar VIP - I played some zoom to get the last 100VPP faster
4) My bankroll went from 50$ to 85$.


My results






I was playing about 600 heads up games before I started with this challenge, so thats where the big tournament number comes from.

Although my focus is on the 90man, 180man and 18man turbo SNGs I play other games like 6max turbo/hyper, Zoom, heads up hyper and 45man turbo. This help me sharpen other aspects of the game and improve my overall skills. Besides, it helps me stay alert and not get bored playing the same game over and over.

Usually I'm 4 tabling mixing with different game types.

Here is an overview of my results for my main games

1$ 90man turbo SNG

This is by far my best game, I really feel good with the format and I was able to finish 1st three times and 2nd two times.
I'm going to play this game much more next month to maximize my profits.


2.5$ 180man turbo SNG

I was running bad not able to cash enough to have a positive results.
I don't understand why I was doing good with the 90man and so bad here, but I'm not too worry about it because one win (~120$ win) can change the ROI to positive one, and I believe it will come.
Actually I was very close finishing third with this unlucky hand


1.5$ 18man turbo SNG

I was doing bad with this game and I really want to master it.

It's a very tough one and it has it all in a very short time - full ring, short handed, Final Table, bubble and heads up.
I Feel that if I can improve here I will do better in other fields as well.
My sample size is very tiny but still I'm trying to analyze my play and will post full detailed analyze in the next month.


My February goals

- Focus on the 90man trying to play much more games.
- Analyze my 18man game trying to find the leaks.
- Maintain the SilverStar.
- Read more about Push Fold strategy and Nash charts.


Thanks for reading and good luck for you all,