Hi everyone,


Six years ago I saw a poker game on TV for the first time in my life. I didn't know then the game rules and didn't understand anything from what saw, but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Since then poker has been my #1 hobby.

So after 6 years of playing, 4,046 SNGs, 45 MTTs, 594,091 hands, up and downs, "jokerstars" bad beats, total of 260$ deposits, some money transfers to friends and my current 50$ bankroll I can say with confidence that I'm a break even player.

Long time ago I read a few books and watched a lot of poker TV (Which is most of the time useless for online poker imo), but since then I'm playing without any improvement to my game.
A month ago I registered to PSO and Two Plus Two forums. After watching some great live trainings videos and reading some posts, I felt so out of date and realized I have so much to learn.

When I read about the Time Vault promotion, I thought that having a blog can be a great way for me to set goals and monitor my progress. I've never had a blog before and I was never comfortable with my English, but I'll do my best

So here I come with my goal for 2013:

Building my bankroll from 50$ to 1000$

With my game history, I think this is a very challenging goal but also realistic.
I have so much to learn and practice so I don't expect a linear growth. On the first half of the year I want to stay afloat and on the second half give it a kick.

My Strategy

1) Learn learn and learn -

I really need to improve my game. I will try to participate every week in 1 or two sessions of PSO live training, watch some archived videos and follow forums posts.

I'm still looking for a book that cover in depth the mathematical aspect of the game...

2) Play -

- Bankroll management - my simple 20% rule

Each day I play I will play with only 20% of my bankroll. That give me enough losing sessions before I lose it all.

- I will focus on 1.5$ 18 man, 1.5$ 90 man and 2.5$ 180 man turbo SNGs
Most of the time I have no more the 1-2 hours to play, so turbo is the only way for me.

3) Analyze -
I've started using HM2. I need to dig it and find the leaks in my game.
From time to time I will post hands and try to get some feedback on my game.
I will start every gmae session with a quick self review of my last session games

I know that if I can finish a tournament this way, then nothing can stop me 


Thanks for reading and good luck for you all,