I've been living in Vegas now for almost 3 years retired here just to play poker, play a lot of $2-$5.. was holding my own, win some lose some. But really didn't know much about NL , just played the cards ... been playing poker 40 years or so... 5 card draw & 7 stud... yeah I know I'm  old ! lol.. but not in heart. played on line some but thought it was all luck...wow"  how wrong was I ...started playing on PokerStars and took and studied the courses , It's made a BIG difference in my game online and live .Now I'm started to under stand how you should play . I still have a long way to go to be the kind of player I would like to be , but the Course by the pro's at PokerStars have give this old dog some new tricks !!! Thanks  Daniel and all ...  Tokala  aka Jerry