my poker mates have been urging me to do a blog for wbcoop so ile get my free tickets , ive said no mant times but they have worn me down so here is what ide do with the 5k if i won it..there is 13 in our homegame venture +half the money would go into our br .few months back i got lucky and cashed big 2nd in big 11    so i set up club called team venture  +put up 500+as our br .the rules are i player per mtt only at $4-$11 each player can play 2 games per week with a small %for player that cashes +rest goes into the kitty. we are trying to just keep br stable at moment and hope to move up to bigger if sucessful .i didnt know any of the guys before i joined pokerstars over a year ago +i was a very raw player but i sat back +watched ,listened to there advice and i feel i have improved from fishdonk  to average donk to average not 2 bad.i feel like i know these guys all my life they have been so supportive+friendly so thats why 1 would like 2 try move them up a level as all are average guys without big money to br them .ty again guys for all ur help .with other half ide like to play 1 ukipt maybe galway or dublin see what all the buzz is about, test myself against good players +hopefully hold my own .with rest ide blow it on drink+women +gambling should have a good weekend if lucky  lol.  so there u go no money for charity for save the whales or stuff like that just poker booze women . take care all and good luck all at tables.