In the past I have seen poker as an unprofitable hobby, playing with friends who also have little patience and knowledge about a game where everyone thinks they are the Don. After playing a few times in the PSO and with a little bit more astute betting and thinking through actions I managed to get up to the top 10% with a decent stack size. Realising the only way to break the bubble from here is to sit down and read, watch and play with people who are better than me.

The reason I started at all was after watching replays of the 2008 WSOP Main Event and thinking there was more to poker than first meet the eye. Skill, Patience and Luck are 3 things I can say I didnt have, but who knows maybe soon.

So, here's to the next Skill League event with a little more enthusiasm and a little more knowledge, one day maybe this could turn into a bracelet (I totally want one of those masseurs).