If you are just beginning to play the ring games, I would suggest playing microstakes Limit hold'em, the reason being that in low stakes NLH there are lucky donkeys running rampant. I have been working on a system that works for the smaller ring games and here it goes...

1.Play any pocket pair pre flop, - These have good preflop equity and if you hit a set you are most likely golden (Good option here is to check/raise or just bet through all streets if you do flop a set.)

2.Take a flop every time you get A,X suited. - If you have even one card match on the flop I would take the turn in hopes of runner, runner. (Also, sometimes your X will hit nicely on the flop and you will have also made top kicker.)  * If the flop completely misses you, it's best to just throw these away on the flop and save your chips

3. Suited connectors - You have the ability to chase open-ended straight draws (8 outs) and flush draws (9 outs). And as we all know, in poker , 9 + 8 = [15 outs.]

4. Any two face cards - They are close enough to possibly get a gut straight draw (4 outs) or if you have two over cards to the board then you gain and additional (6 outs). 

5. K,X suited -*ONLY When there 4+ limpers with 0 or 1 raise- This is similar to the A,X and is only recomended because it is possible to get the 2nd best flush. (9 outs when drawing to a flush). Be careful with this one. If suspecting someone has A,X s of the same suit, call to the river. [Damage Control]

In General - If you have 6 or more outs, call down  to the river. (Some cases 4 is justifiable if the pot is big enough). 
- Raise preflop as much as possible to protect AA, KK, QQ. These are hands you want to play with as few lucky idiots as possible. 
- If you loose more than a quarter your stack it's time to move tables.
- If you Double your stack, time to move. 
-Play enough tables that you aren't bored to death, but enough that you can pay attention

Just played about a 1 1/2 hour session following these guidelines, playing 6 tables of .02/.04, with a 1$ buy in on each. Ended session with about 8.20. So from 6 --> 8.20 is about a 36 % increase to my 6 dollars. Not bad for an hour and a half.

Feel free to post any questions or comments
- Hope this helps, Thanks, and good luck
    - Tyler