I played very frequently during the beginning of year, and did pretty well. Usually in the 3$ Sng's. I went on about a 5 month hiatus and now am back. Too bad I left myself with only a 1.50 when I withdrew. I've picked up play again playing at least a few SNG's a day, every once in awhile a MTT, and rarely I'll sit down at a cash table. When I first started up again I quickly built my bankroll into about 25$.

   But then I managed to bubble in about 20- 1$ SNG's and crumbled my stack. I'm not playing bad poker (at least I don't think so) but it seems like everytime I have a hand that's worth defending I run into a much larger hand, or some donk that I have dominated that manages to hit the 1 out in the deck 110 % of the time.

  On the other hand, I have done pretty good on the PSO games. I didn't earn 20 VPPs last month so I haven't been playing to many of them, but for 5 tourneys, I have about 1590 points or so. Hopefully next month, (and year) my winning ways will come back to me, because I sure am sick of this loosing streak!

   Thanks and good luck - Tyler (tmart1992)