Like I told in the previous post I was playing bad yesterday and entered a tilting mode that fortunatelly I was able to stop before I lost my complete bankroll, standing at around $8.

Today I started a session of around 4h, with the objective of farming up the bankroll, hoping to get to around $12.

It started slow and after some table changes and some notes on my adversaries it started to pay.

I fired up 4 tables of $1 putting half of my bankroll at stake. Again I stick to the best of my game following the teaching of PSO and improvising along the way according to the kind of player I was facing against.

During this session I was able to put my bankroll at $14,69.

After that I decided to practice my tournament skills and fired up 2 25 45man and tried the 10c 990 man.

Two of the tournaments didn't pay out but fortunatelly and following some strategies found here and there I was able to place 4th in one of the 25c 45man.

Here's my last hand of that tournament:

Looking back I think I played too agressive a hand that was a little bit weak although we were only 4 at the time.

I was really happy with my result since I have played 6 of this without getting into the money.