Hey there follwers!



So, I'm just putting a quick post saying that my 1st quest on poker came to an end.

I managed to get to $18 in 13 days, from the starting $2,18, plus the next $2 from the BankrollBuilder will get me to the $20.

I followed the lessons that we can find here in the PSO website for cash games and I'm now moving on to the SnGs.

I'm continuing to play my cash games at 2NL and trying to improve my game there until I get to my next Challenge "From $20 to $100". I'm not putting a time limit on this one, since I think things will be more difficult from now on, although I'm confident in my skill to overcome the 2NL and pass to the next level within the next few months.

I figure out by this experience that a good strategy and discipline are the keys to move up. Also studying and evaluating your prior mistakes have been a very good help, specially when your faced with all sorts of crazy players that just go allin for no apparent reason or 3-bet you just because a falling start crossed the sky.

I also learned how to be patient and how to trust my judgement on what hands my opponent might have, every single time I played with my gut after I made a read on my opponent ended up in misery for me showing me, that gut and luck are the least essential things in poker (although they help sometimes).

So, here's to my next challenge from $20 to $100 (I'd like to say hopefully in 2-3 month time but I think I'm being overconfident )

This concludes my series of the "From $2 to $20 is it possible?".

Thank you for reading!