So, this session started not so good, I lost half of my starting dollar in 2 of the tables but fortunatelly my other 2 tables compensated.


I ended up this sesion a lil' bit short from $12, putting me comfortably at $11.84.

Here are some of the hands that granted me the boost of today:

I had this guy colored as not so good player so I thought that he called me with nothing or a small pair, therefore the shove even with the A present. Which I think now, by reviewing this hand that it was probably a mistake, that compensated.

This hand really changed it for me: making me double my $1 and boosting me up. It took me a bit to make the call there because I was thinking what possible hands he could be making that move. Since he was in early position and he raised and then covered my raise, I putted him in AK, KK or JJ, TT could be a possibility but chance were that he was with an higher pair than that. I called, and got rewarded (would really love more insight in this one though)

The  next hand was a mixt of luck plus a bet that I found could be worth it in case of the straight on the river, which happened and turned out quite profitable:

I guess that resumes the hands where I got the most out. giving me another boost.

Thank you for all the feedback and helpfull comments.