My previous blog I opened up about how my life had been turned up side down, unfortunately one of the side effects of this is that it is going to be very expensive for me and therefore I have needed to withdraw my Bankroll from Pokerstars.

My previous poker journey will be one to remember and I am hungry to get back to them stakes! I had the pleasure of pitting my wits against some of the top streamers and pros including Lex Veldhaus, Jamie Staples and All in Pav, I played in some amazing prizepool tournaments and hit the highs and lows that varience shoves in our faces!

What I can say is that its been an all round great experience and at the end of the 140 days I made a grand total profit of $2370.

I now have to start again! leaving myself a $100 in my bankroll plus my starcoins and any tickets I have left I aim to reach the same level as I did before! I have 5 hours before I have to trudge off to work! Lets try and start on a high! 

Day 1 begins!

Thanks for the read and SY@TT!