Hi Guys,

firstly let me apologise for not being active with the blog for the last few weeks. After what was a great spell at the tables, life got turned upside down as I was dealt a cruel bad beat. My relationship came to a crashing end as my girlfriend told me she no longer wanted to be with me. Unfortunately we still live together and need to continue to do so until June as neither of us can afford the place on our own and we are tied into a contract until then.

This unleashes a whole new range of questions such as do I stay living in Shrewsbury, or do I move back south to live near my family once more? What shall I do for work? Who gets what in the house? How will I move when I dont own a vehichle? etc etc.

I would like to think apart from not getting to play as much because of trying to sort things that my poker has not been affected, but recent results may suggest otherwise. I had two massive loosing days and although I didnt feel like I played particularly bad I was clearly not in the right frame of mind. As a result our bankroll has took a bit of a hit. We can gladly say we are still in profit but its not as pretty as it once was lol.

I did make another FT getting 7th/841 for $181.03 and busted when our QQ was called by AQ preflop for a chip lead pot but thats the most exciting news.

Its going to be a few months until everything is sorted and I am hoping I can regain some focus and start making the most of decent situations again. Its definateley going to be a while before I can grind again but will be putting in some sessions for sure.


The future does hold some positives if I move back south though with faster internet and the possibilities of doing a few streams when we run deep in tournaments as well as being closer with a circle of friends of whom I used to regurlarly play poker with.

With that being said the current BR situation is:

BR start of the period: $2,347.67
BR end of period: $1,820.00
period profit/loss: -$527.67
Total Profit/loss: +$2,670.72


Thanks for the read. SY@TT.