Work commitments meant I had little time to play this week until yesterday where I had planned on spending the entire day on playing MTT. About 2 hours in I started to feel very ill and had to stop registering as I was finding it difficult to focus and I just wanted to curl up in bed. I was however determined to see out my remaining tournaments and I am glad I did!


We managed to get a 4th / 2162 for $346.33 in the hot $3.30. Upon making the FT we were 3rd in chips and immdeiately lost a flip with AK vs the shortstacks 77, a K on the flop saw us in good shape but the river showed a 7. We managed to work our way back winning with JJ vs an underpair and by making some nice successful steals. With 4 remaining There was a raise and I shoved with my AK, the player tanked and used most if his time bank before calling off with JJ. There was a K on the flop but also a J to see my AK crushed by a set for the second time! However we are verry happy with a result that sees our profit hit a new milestone!


The run good continues!

BR start of the period: $1,953.20
BR end of period: $2,233.27
period profit/loss: +$280.07
Total Profit/loss: +$3,083.99

Thanks for the read and SY@TT!!