Sunday's are for me the most fun days to play poker with deep fields and big potential winnings. For me it will always be a dream to get the bankroll to play the sunday million every week but until then we are stuck at the low stakes! Also usually work demands means I dont get to play much on Sunday's but this Sunday was different!

I was given the day off and after spending the morning relaxing watching the football I took to the felts. We had some decent runs and crashed out pretty close to the bubble with some unfortunate match ups (Kings into Aces, QQ vs AK).

However we went strong in the $11 Progressive Bounty finishing 15th / 12,705 for a total of $436.97! We lost with AQ against a short stacks shove of AK and shortly after shoved our remaining 8 big blinds with A6 and lost to K9. We can not grumble though as we won a huge three way pot with QQ vs AA and K9 earlier on in the game to help us get there! (I was the initial shover late position).

That all being said its been a great couple of weeks for the bankroll!!

BR start of the period: $1,567.31
BR end of period: $1953.20
period profit/loss: +$385.89
Total Profit/loss: +$2,803.92

Thanks for the read and SY@TT!!