Everybody talks about unlocking the secrets of the game, seeking that one thing that will turnthem from a loosing player to a break even player and then on to a winning player. We search blogs and forums high and low waiting to find that crucuial missing link.

What I have leant for myself is that in poker you will loose the majority of the time. It is how you keep focussed and continue to make the right profitable decisions with an eagerness to learn that can change things.

I have been trying to ignore the losses and as not be hard on myself unless I feel like I played badly. If I do play badly I pick the hand apart and see what I could have done differently that may have been better. From obvious pre-flop folds to tough river decisions it is important to analyse and discover.

Patience may come in waiting for the right situations in the game but it should also come when you feel you are on a bad run of cards and results. I have been guilty for cursing my luck many a time but I feel that I am slowly turning that into motivation to work harder at the game and to learn. The best time to learn is from your mistakes and these will come when you feel you are on the wrong side of luck and play worse for it.

Although I have not got to play as much as I would like due to work being crazy busy, I have managed to get a few games in.

61st / 539 for $16.02

31st / 355 for $30.45

62nd / 785 for $27.81

102nd / 690 for $14.87

21st / 2214 for $23.90


Finally we made our 5th FT of the year in the Big $11!!! We got it in with 7 players from the SB with 15 BB holding AJ , we had the BB covered by less than 1 blind who called with A5. Sadly he hit his 5 and we crashed out the next couple of hands.

7th / 1283 for $292.10!

 BR start of the day: $1414.03
BR end of day: $1,567.31
Day profit: +$153.28
Total Profit: +$2,418.03

Thanks for the read and SY@TT!!