What a difference a week makes! 5 days ago I was in the middle of what was some of the worst run of cards I have experienced and it was enough to make me feel tilted for the 2nd time in the last 80 days since being back playing this game.

After reviewing my play I noticed a few spots that I felt I could improve but for the most part felt I was getting my money in good. I am fully aware that there are many many many more leaks in my game that need to be improved but small changes bit by bit and I should improve.

Anyway today I was off from work and had to be in doors all day to wait for my broken boiler to be fixed and felt that was the perfect excuse to get back to the tables. The day started like most others and I quickly saw Kings get busted all in preflop in three tournaments. I went to crash out of a further 7 tournaments. I had however picked up a few small cash's.

With that I was left with 3 tournaments of my schedule.

14th / 400 for $19.01 in the 5.50 bubble rush. I was short and got my chips in with a pocket pair, I faced two overs and I lost the flip. I was happy with how I had played was happy to find myself deep in a tournament once more.

Soon after I found myself on TWO FINAL TABLES! I had the pleasure of reaching them within 10 minutes of each other and the main thing was to remain focussed on both games to try to get my first MTT win.

The entire FT of the 5.50 win the button I was short stacked but managed to push at the right times and survived until 3rd place! I pushed with 88 and was up against A10 who hit their Ace. A score that was good for $170.98.

That left me as chip leader with 5 remaining in the 2.20 6max. It was a deep final table and I used my stack to bully but for the most part tried to stay out of too much trouble. Once heads up my opponent had 1.8milion chips to my 1million. We sparred for a while and then decided to discuss a deal where he took $10 more than me in prize money as I settled for $232.65.

We played out the tournament and I beat him to win my first online MTT!!! If we hadnt have made the deal I would have won an extra $50 however losing the heads up would have seen me only win $170 so I think I made a sensible choice in making the deal. Either way I am extremely happy with the results and ended Janurary on a massive high!

BR start of the day: $1254.03
BR end of day: $1,414.03
Day profit: +$160.00
Total Profit: +$2,264.75

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for those who follow my blog, and for those who provide words of encouragement!

All the best and SY@TT!!