Feeling tilted for the second time since my return to the game. After coming 2nd and feeling really good about how we have been playing we have gone on a downward spiral of 1 cash in around 40 tournaments. I have questioned whether it is my play but I am getting my money in good 95% of the time.

In one day:

All of these hands were all in pre-flop, some for chip lead stacks and some close to the bubble. Most too were for around 10-20BB.

AA loses to Q9

AA loses to 44

AA loses to K5

KK loses to A9

JJ lose to A7

AQ loses to K10

AJ loses to A10

AQ loses to KQ

AK loses to AJ

A9 loses to 89

AK loses to 86

AK loses to Q7.


This is just today. I have had a week straight of this. I am not usually one to curse bad luck and am one of the first to claim variance but geez give me a break! That is exactly what I am doing after today, taking a break.

I am going to look back over my hands and review my play, but seeing as these are all in pre not sure how I can improve on getting all my chips in as a favorite!

Good luck to you all! Its tough out there on the felts!