The 14th - 17th saw me play a few tourmaments as my mother has still been visiting and I have been showing her the sights of Shropshire. Once it was back home to chill she would watch a film and I would commence the poker.

We had some fairly decent results over that period finishing:

73rd / 1333 for $14.35

99th / 1270 for $11.39

56th / 2398 for $52.09

92nd / 6888 for $2.68 - not a big cash but a great deep run.

This along with smaller cash's made for 5 profitable days of play in a row!

Today being the 18th saw my mother go home and I jumped onto the tables to play. Our first 9 tournaments were horrendous and we took beat after beat and when we wern't ahead we ran our pocket Kings and Queens into Aces. It was not a fun day for us and with one tournament left i loaded up poekrstars on my phone and headed to my local pub for the weekly poker tournament they hold.

Soon i found myself in the money and my phone died... luckily the pub had a charger and it was a case of putting my phone behind the bar for 10 mins, play for half hour until the phone died and charge etc etc. By the time I was leaving the pub I had made the FT!!!

I raced home to load up the computer and found I was still alive although short stacked with 5 players left. I managed to find a double up with pocket Jacks and soon after won a coinflip with AK vs 99! We were back in it! More to the point the monster stack at the tournament was bullying and taking out the other people! We shoved our 33 when down to 3 players and was called by A9 and held! Final two players and the chip leader sat on 1.8mill to our 400k... We couldn't put a dent in him and I fear I may have played a little too agressive but I have very little experience heads up. He defeated us and although gutted not to take it down we were brimming from ear to ear at coming 2nd, Our best ever finish in a tournament of this size.

2nd / 785 for $290.36

That leaves us with the BR:

BR start of the day: $968.88
BR end of day: $1,254.03
Day profit: +$285.15
Total Profit: +$2,104.75

Thanks for the read and SY@TT!