After saying I wouldnt get much poker in this week as my mother was visiting Ive actally managed to play the last two nights. We are greatful for the opportunity to play as my mother has seemed to have brought along some good luck for us and we have achieved a couple of proiftable days. 

We had some great deep runs with one being particualy painful. The following were our best results:

162nd / 1256 for $11.84

133rd / 977 for $8.16

40th / 1213 for $11.13

26th / 1163 for $35.28

33rd / 3792 for $52.78 

In the last tournament we were 9th in chips when we were dealt AK in the small blind. We had about 30BB. It folded to an aggro player on the button who had us covered by 10 BB raised and we got it all in. He showed 88. We were coinflipping for a 1.6million chip pot and 2nd in chips overall in the tournament. Considering the avg chipstack at this point was 700k we would have been in an amazing spot with $3400 going to the winner of this tournament. a K on the flop and a blank on the turn had us looking great but that painful 8 on the river sent us packing!

Some people would argue that maybe getting it in with AK is a bad spot considering our current position and coinflipping at this stage was bad play. Considering the player he would easily call with any Ace and even KQ. We are ahead of most of his calling range and the majority of the time when we are not we are coinflipping. So I strongly believe its by far the right play and that most of the time we are a big fav and if not 50% of the time we have a monster stack and are cruising to the FT. 

That being said heres the roll:

BR start of the day: $882.60
BR end of day: $968.99
Day profit: +$86.39
Total Profit: +$1819.60

Thanks for the read and SY@TT!