Today we made our first FT of the year! We have been getting close, and finally we won a crucial hand that leapt us up the standings instead of dumping us out. Unfortunately we didnt go on to win it crashing out in 6th when we shoved our last 16 big blinds with pocket 4's and were racing against AK. The King on the flop sent us packing and we were left wondering what could have been but we are happy to get that FT under our belt.

The day had started pretty horribly too with AA losing all in pre twice, Kings loosing all in Pre as well as Queens. Shows not to let your head drop and to remaine focused on the task at hand. There is always another tournament to play!


Our decent runs today were:

222th / 1719 for $1.19

30th / 974 for $6.81

525th / 5473 for $5.28

354th / 2940 for $17.30 (some of these winnings were fro bounties)

178th / 1552 for $10.22

238th / 8425 for $5.72

6th / 830 for $79.90 ($420 went to the winner... was so close! lol)


Some decent runs and the hunt for that first MTT win continues!


BR start of the day: $922.64

BR end of day: $982.06

Day profit: +$59.42

Total Profit: +$1832.67

Thanks for the read and See You @ The Tables!