Wow, what a tough 10 days at work! Being a chef at this time of year means all my energy and time is spent making sure everybody else is happy and taking little time for myself. Therefore poker has indeed been on the back burner rather than on full heat at the front of my stove.

Now my last message saw me feeling a little disjointed and I was dissapointed with how I had felt tilted for the first time since returning to the game. Obviously we all have these moments and looking back I may have been too hastey with wishing to withdraw. I need to learn to cope with these spells and come out fighting harder if I ever want to turn this game into a career for myself.

I was also cheered up no end by a personal message from a member of this site who gave me some kind words of encouragement. To you I say thank you.

Now onto the last games of the year for me. I played a few tournaments and had some decent deep runs but unfortunately no final tables.

50th / 491: $6.93     A10 loses to A9 all in pre

366th / 4167: $2.67     

56th / 791 : $5.26     AK lose to AQ all in pre

53rd / 1593 : $10.73 + $27.66 in bounties. AQ lost to 66 all in pre


Dissapointing to be losing at the vital times still but very happy with how I have been playing and its always good to get deep runs. The bounty tournament was a very nice boost to the day.


My goals for 2017 are simple.

1) Learn more about ICM.

2) Keep blogging about my poker.

3) Start to get involved in the PSO league.

4) Play one live tournament a month. This will not come out of the poker roll and will not count towards my results. But i used to love playing live and miss it and therefore want to make more of an effort to go and enjoy that side of the game.

5) Reach $3000 profit by end of year. Perhaps a bit modest considering my current roll but that if i end up with that I will be happy, if i reach it early I can set a new goal.



Now the last bit of how the roll is looking.

BR start of the day: $972.41

BR end of day: $921.15

Day profit: -$51.26

Total Profit: +$1771.76

Thanks for the read and See You @ The Tables!