Wow what a month or so this has been. I had the beautiful moment of winning $2000 but this came in the middle of what has been possibly one of the most frustrating times I have experienced at the poker tables.

I have remained patient and cried varience and kept headstrong for what is going on a month now of what can only be described as a horrible swing. I have been reviewing hands and been getting advice from various sources including a coach who I felt I needed to contact for my own sanity. The feedback I get is keep doing what you are doing...

I have recorded sessions for hours and time and time again it shows me getting my money in as a clear equity favorite but no matter how many times I get it in good I cant seem to hold up. When you combine this with clear coolers of running kings into aces and set over sets its starting to sting and  really test me.

I had a horrible moment today where for the first time since returning to the game I felt tilted... I ended the game there and then.

This got me to thinking that maybe I should remove my roll and play with a much smaller bankroll and just grind my way up again. I wont feel as bad about the bigger losses and I may improve my game battiling it out again.

The annoying thing is that I believe and people keep saying that I am playing good poker so it does not feel right to drop stakes, plus I have the bankroll to take the hits...

It is just leaving me a little confused and I am worried that this streak continues until my BR dissapears and I am left at square one.

Thinking as I write this the best soloution may be to simply play lower stakes for a little while without withdrawing to see if i can turn things around and see some better results.

I still am getting deep runs in tournaments but I still lose the crucial coinflips at the crucial time. Like today when I was down to the last 34 players and was sitting in 23rd place and have 23 BB. there is a raise before me and I shove with QQ. The raiser calls with A10 offsuit and the ace sends me crashing out. A win would have seen me 6th in chips. It is these moments that I need to start swinging in my favor. I keep saying my time will come but after a month I am asking when!

Now I apologise if this has sounded a little ranty, it is no means that. I love this game and will continue to do so. I am just hungry to find more material to study so I can truly see if I am making the right decisions.

BR start of the day: $1,024.89 +$30.00

BR end of day: $972.41

Day profit: -$82.48

Total Profit: +$1823.02


Thanks for the read and See You @ The Tables!