This is a terrible time of year for my trade. Christmas brings a wonderful festive spirit but man does it make my work life a difficult one! I have to pour hours upon hours of my time at work (12 hours a day) meaning time away from home and thus time away from the tables.

However we still manage to get a couple of hours break a day and therefore we get to play some zoom! Since my lucky big win this is all I have managed to play but we have seen some positive results. I had one session end break even when I lost a $38 pot in one of the last hands. I 3bet AK and got called by an aggressive player. K, 3, 6, board with two clubs. It was bet pot to me and I opted to shove and he called with 6-5 of clubs hitting is flush on the river. 

I had this player noted as "Aggro! Shoves draws, calls big bets with draws, calls big bets with TPWK" Therefore i think my shove is fine considering I get maximum value from a lot of worse hands.

I have felt really good about my play lateley feeling I am starting to think about the game at adeeper level thinking more and more about what my opponents ranges are and what my own percieved range is.

Here is the BR update.

BR start of the day: $1,116.68 + $30 daily challenge deposit (Have to keep trying the challenges right!)

BR end of day: $1,202.40

Day profit: +$55.72

Total Profit: +$2083.01


All in all a positive couple of days despite little play.

Cheers for the read and See You @ The Tables!