The last week or so has been horrendous. I feel like I am playing well, and the majority if the time I get my money in ahead... when I dont then there are a lot of coolers. I feel like I am reading situations well and I am putting maximum pressure on my opponents but this is a cruel game and I just cant seem to catch a break. I know that everyone has these runs and I just need to keep working hard and the results will come but it is mentally testing me.

Today for example.

AA loses all in pre vs KK & QQ in the same hand

AA loses all in pre vs KK, KK, QQ, JJ, 66, KQ, 10-9,

KK loses all in pre vs AA, QQ in the same hand

KK loses all in pre vs QQ. 10-10. 9-9, 6-6, AK, AJ, A4

QQ loses all in pre vs AA & KK IN THE SAME HAND!!! yup three times i saw that cooler today.

QQ loses all in pre vs KK, JJ, 10-10, 8-8, 4-4 AK, AQ

These are all for full buy ins in cash. On top of this I have had set over set, lost with top set getting it all in on the flop and they constantly hit there draw and I am losing the majority of coin flips.


Now I dont feel like my game changed too much during this bad spell which is promising that I havent tilted too much. I keep telling myself that this will turn around and its all varience but after a full week I need to step back and evaluate where I can plug some leaks to help soften the blows.

I play this game for fun, but when lady luck seems to look at you like you killed santa then the fun starts to waver. A break will be had and I will not play a single hand for the next couple of days.

I did have a couple of deep runs but I cant win a coinflip in the crucial moments.

22nd from 1758 in a $0.27 buy in for $2

127th from 1792 in a  $1.10 buy in for $3.41

96th from 1534 in a $1.10 buy in for $2.93


With that said the BR is looking a sad state of affairs.

BR start of the day: $164.19 + $10.00 weekly booster

BR end of day: $117.78

Day profit: -$56.41

Total Profit: +$18.39


So overall we are still in profit but our BR is only above the $100 mark thanks to the deposits. Remember I am never counting the deposits as profit so my total profit is accurate. Considering we were close to $100 profit I am feeling rather dejected at the major U-turn.

I had been playing some $1.50 sng but these will now need to be dropped for the $1 to keep in line with the BR, I will also be dropping back down to 2NL. I will soon purchase holdem manager and that way I can keep a closer look on my play and where to improve.


Many thanks for the read and once ive taken my break I will See You At The Tables