Work life has consumed me for the last couple of days but tonight I did manage to get some game time in. I have been taking in the daily challeneges and promotions as they come too. Seeing as I have had no time to play tournaments I have stuck to the cash tables to try to grind some winnings. I have moved up in stakes from 2nl to 5nl to see if I am ready for the step up. I broke even over about 1000 hands and believe that this is nowhere near enough data to make a decision as of yet so will remain at these stakes unless my BR starts taking a mjor hit.


Although my BR has once again increased, this is solely down to me taking the option to deposit the $30 for the daily challenge chasing a bonus. I

Work will consume me once again tomorrow but I am hoping to have Tuesday off and that will see me grinding some MTT's and seeking some more deep runs. My MTT buy ins will remain the same until I reach $220 where I will start to incorporate the $2.20 buy ins.

That all being said here is the BR.


BR start of the day: $133.75 +$30.00 deposit

BR end of day: $164.19

Day profit: +$0.44

Total Profit: +$74.80


Thanks for the read and See You At The Tables!