Before I start let me say that this is by no means another bad beat story or moaning post. This is me telling you how my poker has been going as an update as always. I am fully aware that varience plays a huge part in poker and no matter how bad we will run we will perservere and keep trying to play the best poker we can.

That being said... MAN AM I RUNNING BAD! lol. By bad i mean terrible... time after time of getting it in ahead all in preflop with my opponent down to 3 outs or worse and I cant seem to hold. I do however take comfort in the knowledge that I am getting my money in good and over time the cards will hold up.

Its gutting when it happens so deep in a tournament too. The latest deep run was 25th out of 2209 for a score of $7.94. when down to 33 players we got it all in pre flop with AQ vs AJ and lost. winning this pot would have put us 2nd in chips with 32 players remaining, as it stood I slipped to 10th. Soon after i raised pre-flop with pocket 8's and flopped a set. On a rainbow board all the money went in the middle and i saw my opponent had flopped top set. A cooler that sent me crashing out of the tournament.

We also had a decent run in the Big $0.55 finishing 358th from 7943 for $1.57.

Along side the MTT's we played a ton of sit and go's and completed daily challenges but with lady luck hating us for some reason we see our first loosing sessions and the BR has took a hit. We will stay defiant and grind it back though!

BR start of the day: $158.21

BR end of day: $133.75

Day profit: -$24.46

Total Profit: +$74.36

All in all we are still up a good amount and with work life about to consume me for the next few days there will not be much time spent at the tables. Perhaps a little break will stop the run bad! We are happy with our poker and happy to be putting in some deep runs regardless.

Thanks for the read and see you at the tables!