Okay guys I am back friom my illness and feeling refreshed! I have managed to get a few games in but no big scores. My biggest cash of note was coming 33rd out of 681 for $4.21. I completed the daily challenges as usual and added my $10 weekly booster to my account.

I recieved $10 for coming 153rd in the all in shoot out and this was my first cash in one of these since doing the daily challenges so pretty happy with that!

Other than that i grinded out the cash tables for a bit when i didnt have the time to commit to any MTT.


With that the BR looks as follows.

BR start of the day: $91.62 + $10.00 BR booster

BR end of day: $129.41

Day profit: +$27.79

Total Profit: +$80.02


I do not include the BR booster in my profits as that is money I have added and not gained therefore all profits shown are from poker winnings.

It feels good to be back guys and I will see you at the tables!