Today we started off with some MTT and satelites. We didnt win any seats but had a decent run in $1 Hyper Turbo finishing 25th out of 693 for $5.59, we set our trap perfectly inducing a shove from A3 when we had A10 of diamonds. 2 diamonds saw him down to two outs but he got there on the river. Ouch...

We also cashed the $0.50 super hyper coming 118th out of 939 for $1.21. We shoved our last 6 BB from the SB with Q10s and was dominated by A10. We then had a decent run in the $1 progressive K.O 67th out of 1966. We got it in with JJ vs 66 and AK. AK hit an Ace and that was that. Although we cashed for $2.17 with  $3.44 in bounties.

You can check out the big hands on Jivaro on my same username.

We did the usual daily challenges too but nothing decent to note as of yet.

BR start of the day: $84.96

BR end of day: $91.62

Day profit: $6.66

Total Profit: $52.23

Thanks if you read and See you at the tables!