Yesterday we attempted some MTT and satelites, and managed to cash NOTHING! We had some pretty brutal beats and got it in ahead in most situations so can be happy with how we played even though the results are not as we would like!

We also lost in our Step A SnG and then bubbled our step B SnG when our A10 got cracked by QJ all in pre SB vs BB, I shoved he called for the chip lead.

We did complete a daily challenge and got our seat in the All-In shootout for a shot at 1k. Got to be in it to win it!

We made it to chromestar too, which gives us entry into freeroll on a saturday. Seeing as we work nearly every Saturday this is not going to make a single bit of diffenrence...

Today I played 1 MTT, some spin and go's for the daily challenge and three beat the clock daily challenges. I despise the beat the clock tournaments but cant pass up a shot at the 1K for completeting the challenge.

In the MTT i came 9th out of 2995 making the FT! I ran AJ into Jacks for a monster pot and unfortunateley couldnt spike the A. It was good enough for a $27 payout from a $1 buy in. Not bad but I am gutted to go so far but fall first on the FT, i felt like I played good solid poker though so will stay optimistic.


BR start of the day: $62.10 + $10.00 BR booster

BR end of day: $84.96

Day profit: $12.86

Total Profit: $45.57


Thanks if you read and See you at the tables!