Hi Guys,

Well let me quickly introduce myself. I am a chef working in a small town in England who loves to play poker. I have played for around 10 years but have only ever played for fun. I have tried to set myself challenges in the past but have always found life getting in the way.

However recently I have found myself becoming obsessed with the game, I have been completeing a lot of reading and watching a ton of videos and streams on twitch. This has led me to want to invest more of my time and efforts into the game rather than playing basic video games and watching poor TV.

That said I do still have to work, and I work a lot, and I have bills to pay.

So I have been playing on Pokerstars again for the last few days but have been playing irrationaly with no BR management in place.

So here is the plan...

I am going to start with what I have left in my account. which is $29.39. 991 Star coins, one step A ticket, six step B tickets, one step C ticket and one step E ticket.

I am going to invest $10 every monday starting this monday approaching.

My BR strategy.

Under $100 i do not see much point in being too strict but will play 2nl cash, and anything up to $1.10 sng or MTT. I understand that this is by no means a large enough BR for these stakes but this is where I am starting. I will not play 5nl nor will I play anything over these sng or MTT limits until I reach $200 where I will put a plan into place!

I will record here my results as I go and will share hands on Jivaro, as well as posting videos of my play on Youtube where I will talk about my thought process as I play!

Now all there is to do is to get playing!!!

See you at the tables!