I redeposited a few days ago after remembering that I signed up for PSO.  The quizzes were underwhelming at best (I thought there'd at least be more of them), but I passed them all, got the deposit bonus, and started playing 6-max SNGs alongside the PSO League events.  Ladder rankings are fun, and the $1.20 6-max level is a nice way to be okay with my $20 deposit.

I'm trying to readjust to uNL tournament play.  The $1.20s may be so much worse than the $3.25 turbos, or maybe I just forgot how bad they were.  I need to get back in the habit of playing tighter preflop but not being afraid of ridiculous chasers.  I used to double-track my tournaments, manually with the SessionLog Excel sheet as well as automatically HEM, but I figure I'll just use HEM by itself this time.  I want to focus more on getting better at profiling opponents and reading betting patterns, and I want to avoid reminding myself about the money every time I finish a set of tables.  I mean, I know I'll be checking anyway, but it's way easier to get stressed about cash when you have to remind yourself exactly how much you're winning and losing every set.

Here's to getting my game back. =)