Ok, I am and have been for several years primarily a brick and mort player (live). I understand swins and all of that but god sometimes its just unbelievable the ay I am running. For the last month I have not won more than 3 hands in any session. I have dumped more money than I care to say. I just cant figure it out. I play tight aggressive mostly and take very few flyers on a whim. I watch the play even when Im not in the hand. I bet accordingly as far as the amount, hell sometimes its completely out of line and rarely do I not get at least 2 flippin atc call stations. I realize that in florida there are alot of bad players that just will play anything, but math and logic say over the long run they go broke to a better player. Its just not falling that way for me lately. I mean the beats I have taken are horrible. I play mainly 1/2 NLHE with 200 max buy in and I am to the point where I think I should move to a bigger game to get better players that are really paying attention to the game. I know that goes against all logic but wtf. I just cant figure it out. Do I become the maniac at the table just ramin and jamin every pot till they get to scared to play garbage. I dont know...Does anyone.....UGGGGGGGG is all I can say right now...considering going back to strictly tourneys..... Peace