So as you may or may not know from my previous blog post I started a new challenge at the beginning of the week to get in more poker hands, create a schedule, learn while I go along as well as hoping to earn a little $$$! The challenge was a Heads-Up SNG challenge starting at the 15$ level with $299.99 (20 buy-ins) and my plan was to work my way up the limits to eventually reach the $60 level and grind those out. The plan was to do this in three weeks.




Day 1 of the challenge started well, I started at 9:00 like I promised myself I would, doing 2 hours of mental stimulation as well as working on correcting a few leaks in my game by going over previous hands at the 15$ level that I had played before I thought of this challenge. I also watched one or two of HoRRoR77's videos for advanced players starting at the $7 level. Once I felt I was ready I kicked off my session at 11:00.


The first few games went really well, I think I won my first 4 games! (I say I "think" because I cannot be sure, which I'll explain later...). In the fourth game I played and won against a random player that I thought was pretty weak and, as I should have, I won. Feeling pretty confident in the way I played during that game I agreed to a re-match. I don't think I'm the position to tell you whether this is a good idea as I have not had enough experience doing this (I'm honestly not sure if i should be providing any poker advice to anyone at all for that matter...). Anyway I played him/her again and I lost... 


Now there could be several reasons for this:

- I was probably feeling a little cocky having won the previous 4 games, the previous game again being against this exact opponent. This could have easily affected my game as I may have tried to run over the opponent too much with aggressive play when I shouldn't have.

- I didn't adjust to my opponent adjusting. In rematches opponents tend to do 1 of 2 things: Try to get unstuck from the previous game by playing more aggressively and gambling a bit more to try and get even or they adjust to how you played in the previous game and look for weaknesses and spots in your game.

- I got unlucky and the cards didn't fall my way.


I try to ignore the last reason as I think you just purely believe that then you don't tend to improve as a player as there is always something you can improve on and counting each loss as unlucky is just the lazy/cocky mans argument.


Anyway I continued my session until 13:00, I think remaining ending up only two buy-ins in profit as I won the next game and then re-matched again and lost AGAIN! I think this might have tilted me a little as I lost the next and last game of that session as well... Still I was in the positive for the moment so I didn't have too much to complain about.


I came back after my break, refreshed at 14:30 and obviously I had completely shrugged off my tilt from the end of the previous session as I went on another winning streak of 3 or 4 games. I was up to about $420 towards the end but had played badly towards the end and ended up with an okay $372.35.


Now this is the point in the blog where I would be bringing out a few interesting hands from my sessions that I would try and explain and hopefully receive a little feedback from you guys out there that took time out of your day to read all the way to this point in the blog. But sadly my computer didn't feel like helping out...


My computer, instead, thought it would be a good idea to crash on me that very same evening after my sessions... Safe to say I was not a happy chappy!


So for the rest of the week I have had to try and salvage as much as I can from my old computer and buy a new hard-drive and load everything up again. Unfortunately I was not able to salvage any of  my hand histories from that Day 1 session so I'm afraid you'll have to wait till next week for any of that exciting stuff, if you haven't given up on me already....


I'm not going to bore you with anymore details of my first-world problems only to say that the challenge is back on this coming week and its going to be more full on then ever, trying to make up for that week I just lost. So sweat me at the tables if you have a spare minute (check my previous blog post for times and tables I will be playing at this coming week), if not good luck at the tables and let me know what your challenges are!