When I started this blog (my first ever), I had grand asperations that I would do daily entries. Alas that is obviously not the case. Once I started looking into the resources on the site I just became immersed in learning and have spent most of my time watching the videos.

I have taken the advice of xylophone68 and started to go through all of the courses that I had not allready completed. When I had posted the original entry I had completed the Basic, core and SNG quiz.

I have since completed the MTT and FLHE quiz, next I am hoping to complete the NZ Cash course and quiz  this week.  My goal this weekend is to start participating in PSO League and make that a regular weekly event.

On top of that I have been watching and learning off of the Videos. If you have not allready checked out the video section I highly recommend that you do so. The weath of information here is fantanstic. 

I have found two Trainers so far that seem to present information in a format that makes sense to me. TheLangolier and ahar010. I am sure therer are others I will discover along the way these happen to just be the ones I have viewed this week.

So this week I have watched


  1. Banroll management 1 and 2
  2. Microstakes 90 man MTT
  1. Dealing with agression
I found ahar010 has presented some very sound steps in increasing your bankroll and clear guidelines on when to move up and down in buyins. These steps are well documented and his instructions are clear  and well presented.  Combin this with his "live" play and his comments on what he is doing and why, makes him a must watch.

While TheLangolier again combines live play, clear guidelines and information.

This Weeks Goals
- watch more of ahar010 and TheLangolier videos
-post a hand of the forums for evaluation and comments
-start playing in the PSO on a regular basis

Ok enough for now I am off back to the video and forum section.