Why start a poker blog? I mean I am a nobody when it comes to poker and who is going to want to read about me. To be honest I am writing this for my own motivation if a few people read this and offer me some constructive criticism so much the better.
I play mainly No Limit Holdem Micro stakes. At the moment I am playing a lot of 50/50 tables and almost but not quite breaking even. I also enjoy 2/4 cent no limit cash games as well as 2/4 cent Stud High/Low. I also play the occasional MTT but I often do not have the time to do so.

I am at the stage where I am just beginning to learn what I don't know. I think like a lot of people I  overestimate my own poker skills.
I have spent the Month of January playing around 10 -15 hours a week but not really getting anywhere. I have spent the last few days looking back at my playing history and I have realised that I really do  not know enough to analyse my weaknesses. Let alone identify them.
So I have made the decision to become a better player. I am going to develop some goals over February and post them here. I am currently tossing up between easily measurable goals like "increase my bankroll", "become a silver star" or more difficult ones like "become more effective at using position" or "increase my starting hands range".
I do think though my first goal has to be to learn to analyse my weaknesses through reviewing my hand histories. If anyone has any suggestions on a good place to start by all means feel free to post them.