Hello, so I got three of the Poker School Open Skill League tourneys under my belt!  So far my first one has been the best performance @ 2578 of 10000. I've been reading throught the lessons, I understand most of the concepts but its confusing my dumb luck haha. 

I earned the school ticket back in 2010 and thought what the hell try the quiz again.  This time I failed that makes me think I shouldnt be playing for money.  I've renewed my love of the game and hope to learn from my mistakes and more forward.  My main goal for now is placing in the money of a open skill league tourney.  I think this is the best way to see what is really going on in my game.  I'd like to think that there are some great players in the league to challenge me to be better. 

As for the cash games umm I think I'll stay away for now unless I win a freeroll that gives me some dough on my account.  I also play in FULL tilt  poker and play some freerolls there.   the last couple days Ive learned a lot and cant wait to win some real money!!!

okay back to pokerschool........................