Okay so I did it, I'm here and playing more then I should that's for sure, but it's been a learning experience so far! Mostly I learn that most of my play style is "Loose" and that I tightened up has already saved me many times, before I kinda played with luck on my-side I usually call no matter what and got lucky enough to win and still like poker. But now I learning the different bet styles and how to fold before its too late hand to not play every single hand like I did before, but I got to say I won a lot by bluffing but now I learn the danger involved in that here haha. So hopefully learning skills doesn't effect my luck but I guess we will see, so far I only have won a two tourneys one was a satellite to the 1/4 million on this Sunday and the second was a double or nothing tourney. I got my rear handed to me on my first PSO tourney but I'm writing this waiting to play my second one today. I don't think it will be hard to beat my first result of 160th place today, good luck and see you all there!!