Hello PSO members and admins,
I thought about different ways that we can all suggest to the PSO admins to help the PSO league become even better. I would like to offer a suggestion, then I invite our members to add to my post in the hopes the PSO admins will take our suggestions and hopefully impliment at least some of them.

Here is my first suggestion:
I believe that there are an awful lot of donkeys that sure make it difficult to learn and enjoy poker. You know what I am talking about: the folks who start all in fests pre-flop with trash hands, the obnoxious raisers, etc. When I look at the rankings of the folks who practice this sort of playing style, I find that generally they are in the over 7000 place category. I suggest that you have to earn to stay in PSO. What I mean by this is that players with a consitant ranking of 4000 or worse should have to take a new core course test to be eligable to stay in the league. The test should be random and not have the same answers making it difficult to cheat one's way through the test. Hopefully this will cut down on the donkies.

I now open the floor to you, the members of PSO and let's see how we can make the league even more successful Thank you for taking the time to read this and for posting your ideas