For all members of Snapper's House Home Games,  a special contest for the month of April is now underway. 

If you're a regular participant in Snapper's Home Games, sharpen up your poker skills and let the chips fly for your opportunity to make some additiional money.

If your a member but don't play often, now's the time get to know this community of great people, (we have the requisite Donks, Fish, and Sharks, all great people) and win some cash!!

There will be 3 cash prizes paid based on April results:

First place in points earns $20
Second place earns $10
Best Average (minimum 15 games played) earns $20

WHEN:  Everynight at 8:00pm (EDT)
FORMAT:  NLHE knockout

With the generous starting stack of 3000 chips and blind levels increasing every 15 minutes, Snappers' Home Games are well suited for players of all levels.

Come join the fun, meet some great people and earn some bucks!!!

***A special shoutout to snapper1231, bigbluesky18, rootpass669, and tiger91367 for bankrolling the April Fools contest***

See you in Snapper's House and good luck to all members.