Reached a certain frustration / tilt level, where i leave the tables for what they are the next hour.

So that i come back with a fresh head, without wanting / needing to win.


This all came forth out a 4BI loss within 150 hands. Clearly on the micro stakes, players make all sort of crazy moves in Omaha, they only have 4 outs... reason enough to call 2 barrels (potsized bet in my case) in a row, ending up calling 2:1 odds, whilst needing close to 10:1 odds to make a profitable call.

The result of this is that im either forced to fold the river after 2 heavy bet rounds or coolerd by set chasers.

In the long run this is profitable for me, but in the short run this gets very annoying. I had this problem on holdem micro stakes aswell, but played through it by playing tons of hands with the correct play, resulting in a positive outcome.

Only sad for me at this point that my EV is turning its back to me in the early start of my goal.



Hands played => 1097

Net winnings => -330BB

#hands vs target => 5%