I took a look into some important points to help me decide for goals and BRM:


1) tilt sensitivity  => on a factor from 1 being cool and 10 freaking the hell out, i learned myself to leave the game for what it is once i reach a personal tilt level of 4, thus i feel im quite controlling, also meaning i can have a more aggressive than average BRM on this behalf

2) variance => is quite high in PLO, and i only play shorthanded, so this is an important stat to consider for my BRM

3) progress possibilities => i dont want to block myself for too long on a certain limit, because in my opinion: the longer you stay on a limit, the more you keep yourself away from learning and earning more... okay, you will never go broke but if i cant make it higher than the lowest limit there is no point either trying to improve and grow

4) free time i have to play poker undisturbed and focussed => my only stressfactor, because of uncasual working hours, a social heavy life and a wife ... still i should be able to make a certain nr of hands, just because i make time for poker (10hrs/week)


All this together makes me using a 25BI BRM for PLO on PLO2&PLO5:

50-125$ = PLO2

125-250$ = PLO5


Goal = Play 5k/week or 20k/month (this is with zoom 2-tabling)


If anyone has remarks just feel free to spew it