Hi all,


Personal info is not that important / interesting i guess... 


My poker career (almost feels like going to work), consists of playing around and testing what suits me best, but never with a goal.

If you keep driving around in circles, you wont get anywhere either.

After a chat with a friend who is already a decent player, he convinced me to hold a blog and put goals in it so that you have a mark to reach.

I've had my share if micro winnings, but now i really want to go for the more interesting limits.

I cant stay forever on NL2/NL4/PLO2/PLO4.

With a BR that started at 30$, i did some cashes on other clients, and up at 210$ here at Stars.

Next post i will set the goal, which is in hands played i want to reach, no point on focussing on your money.