I spend most of my time on the Stats tab during game play. A lot of what I going to same here will be old hat for most of you guys. Hopefully some of the newer players will find something useful.

By evaluating my stats during a game in progress I am able to track my play and make successful adjustments. I have noted how my stats looked in games where I have performed very well, and I try to replicate that during a tournament.

I really don't worry too much about how many times I have seen the flop while in the blinds. Trust me, I have no problem laying down a hand in either blind when I don't have the goods. Of course, I am more conscious of this as the blinds get higher and will defend them more vigorously. So, the first thing I really look at is how many times I have seen the flop.

This gives me instant feedback on my hand selection. In my best tournaments I have typically seen about 45% of the flops. When I get way above this percentage it is a red flag that I am playing a little too loose. I need to use better judgement with my starting hands. If the number is too low I may be playing too tight. But I never worry about being too tight as opposed to too loose. If I am seeing about half of the flops things are on target.

Next I look at the hands I have won at showdown. This gives me very valuable information. If I am winning a high percentage of the hands I showdown then my table reads are dead on. I have a pretty good handle on what my opponents are holding. Because when I know I'm beat, I'm out. When this percentage drops I am not making very good decisions and am taking too many inferior hands too far.

Lastly, my favorite stat---hands won without a showdown. The more of these I rack up the happier I get. It says two very important things about my play when I have a lot of these:
         1. I have a very strong table image.
         2. I am sizing my bets correctly.
With correct bet-sizing I am avoiding the possibility that an inferior hand will draw out on me, something I definitely want to minimize.

These two last stats really work hand-in-hand, because to develop that scary table image I am going to have to showdown the best hand more than a few times. "Is it live, or is it Memorex?" This is what I am trying to create in the minds of my opponents. It's awful hard for a person to call off most of their chips when they think there is even a small chance I might be singing with the pipes that break the glass.

Anyways, I hope you can find a way to use your stats productively.

Good luck, and I'll see you at the tables!