I am often amazed when I sit down to play and observe all of the pointless chat that occurs during the games. Those of you who have played with me know that I am pretty friendly at the tables and have no aversion to good conversation, but I will confess that I spend far more time on the Stats tab (the subject of tomorrow's blog) than I do in chat. So, if you say something nice and I don't respond right away that's the reason.

Last night during the 7 p.m. tourney someone (honestly, I can't remember who) made the comment that you will hear quite often in chat. It really isn't very original at all, goes something like this:

"It's PSO. You can't play right and win."

My innocuous response was that I disagreed. I think I try to play a pretty sound game and a look at my ranking will indicate that it's working pretty well. For whatever reason the person who made the comment felt the need to begin one of those little petty assaults and took great satisfaction when I busted out some time later (still with positive points). I won't linger long on the incident or the one who made the comments, because my experience has been that these types seem to eventually up and disappear like a fart in the wind but they sure gave me some fodder for today's blog:

Sound poker still works.

See, it doesn't matter if you are playing in the PSO or the Sunday Million. I can promise you without any fear of contradiction that if you observe those who are doing consistently well in either event you won't find players who don't play sound poker. It just doesn't happen. Oh, a donkey might make a deep run occasionally but sooner or later bad play comes home to roost. As Jason Mercier has said, Lady Luck seems to hang out with those who practice alot.

Here's the thing. A lot of us here have aspirations of bigger and better things. If you can't do well at this level what makes you think you can compete at a higher level of play? Do you think that you will just magically play better when the competition is tougher. Well, that's a fairytale.

This blog today is geared toward those at PSO who are truly committed to improving their game. To you I say, play the best poker of which you are capable every time you sit down at the table no matter what the stakes. If you do that then rewards are sure to follow.

Sound poker still works.