First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY !!


May 2015 be as rewarding as possible =)

The first month of my poker-journey was quite successful and went mostly as expected. I played about 30 PSO Open Skill League Tournaments and finished constantly in the top 35% of the field. I had some good runs(best finish was a 131. place) but I also had three or four results around the 50% mark of the field. At one of them I ran with a set of queens into a set of kings and I didnt manage to lay my queens down. The other times I played overconfident, didn't stick to my strategy of playing very tight and aggressive and was rightfully punished for my mistakes.

At the end of the month I finished at place 1706 in the leaderboard. That adds 0,50$ to my bankroll. I feel like this wasn't too hard - and also really exciting and fun - to achieve so I will definetly continue to play these tournaments and hopefully climb the leaderboard even further up.

On the other hand I didn't play as much as originally planned and I need to fix this if I want this journey to be successful. I can excuse some missed time with the festive season and the usual time spent on my family during that time. But I was also spending time on a computer game and I didn't use my travel time to hit the tables. At least I read some interesting books which isn't too bad either I think..

Note to future Me: I hope you don't play League of Legends anymore (or at least not that much) and you read that Hawking-book again and actually understood it this time.

As always: Please comment, criticize, motivate, help, share your thoughts or tell me about something great you've done.

2015 - shuffle up and deal