Earlier this month I started participating in the PokerSchool Open Skill League tournaments. While cashing in the individual tournaments is rather difficult - top90 out of 10000 are paid - I feel like making some profit out of the leaderboard is a promising way to start my bankroll. I managed to get some high finishes - my best run rewarded me with a top150 finish.

The goal for this month is to stay within the top2000 in the leaderboard in order to secure the prize of 0,50$ if I understand the payout structure correctly. Please tell me if I don't !!

In the meantime I'm looking for more freerolls. Are there any freerolls you can recommend? I would be thankful if you could leave some tips in the comments !

I'm also trying to figure out how to include images in my posts. So far I seem to be not smart enough to do that but I'm working on it.. both on my smartness and on including images.

Also feel free to point out anything you don't like about this blog in the comments. I want this blog to be interesting and educating for all of us.

I wish all of you a merry christmas and some quality time during the festive season !

(please imagine a beautiful christmas picture here)

P.S.: I managed to cash for the very first time by playing extremely tight/aggressive in a another MTT-freeroll i found, so ->

current bankroll: 0,11$