about the game: Hold'em NL

about the goal: 1.000.000 $

about the deadline: 6 years (->christmas 2020)

about the player: I'm 24 years old, finished my bachelor's-degree in International Management,  currently looking for my dreamjob. In the meantime I want to give poker a try and see what I can make out of it. I will be able to play approximately 2-4 hours a day. I'm also not a native english speaker so please forgive me eventual mistakes.

about the attempt: I decided to not make a deposit. Please don't ask me why because I'm not even sure what prevents me from doing it. So first of all I will need to play freerolls in order to build a bankroll.

about the idea of making a blog: There are three major reasons:

- (1) writing/blogging about something means you always think about what you've done one more time. I experienced that thinking about why and how you've done something greatly increases the benefits you get from those experiences.

- (2) in the case this works out I hope to give anyone who follows this an idea, motivation or whatever you are looking for to start your own adventure.

- (3) in the case this doesn't work out I will have at least shown how you shouldn't do it and maybe I can learn from others who notice any mistakes I make.

about the blog updates: I will at least post once a week. I will do so if nothing really happens during that week and I just wanted to say where I'm currently at. If something out of the order happens I will make a post about it immediately.

current bankroll: 0,00 $

On to the tables..