You dont need to make a deposit to start grinding MTTs. Im going to tell you how I built my bankroll without ever making a deposit. It all started with PSO. I read all the bullcrap and took some quizzes and got the tickets. Then I started playing the freerolls Like PSO open skill league and weekly round 2 sattellites and there are a couple of other freerolls that require a password. You can find these passwords on the internet. I played Freerolls every day untill I accumulated $5.00 Then I started playing 11 cent MTTs. I kept playing these until I made a deep run and ran my bankroll up to $15.00. Time to step it up a notch, I then started Playing both the 11 cent and 27 cent tournaments. You want to keep the buy ins low relative to your bankroll to insure you have alot of chances to go deep or take down a tournament. This will almost guarantee you not to go broke if you are decent at the game. I then took down an 11 cent tournament worth $70.70 and my bankroll is currenty at $80.00 and I play 11cent 27cent 55cent  and 82cent tournamets. all starting with freerolls. If you take the time to learn the game and find the freerolls you can start bulding a bankroll without ever making a single deposit